Monday, October 15, 2012

Halloween Costume ideas for Babies & Kids!

Autumn is such a magical time of year...the leaves begin to change color, the pumpkin patch is full of pumpkins, apple orchards are bursting with apples, and of course, Halloween! Now that I am Mommy to two little girls, Halloween is even more fun and special for the whole family!

Growing up, I was fortunate that my Mom loved to sew and make our costumes by hand. As we got older we loved join in! It was a wonderful way to bond and get involved in making our very own costume.  I recall being a circus clown, kitty cat, and even a trash can made out of a cardboard box ala Oscar the Grouch... LOL! 

Even if you aren't a whiz at sewing, you can still be crafty, thrifty and creative in creating your child's costume.  Sometimes all you need is just a funny wig or hat, sunglasses, fun jewelry, pair of tights, one of Daddy's old shirts to cut up, a party dress, turtleneck, a headband for ears or crown and a few pieces of felt or fake fur can do the trick to make an adorable kitty, princess, rock star, baseball dog or mouse! Check out SlapDashMom's blog for 50+ DIY ideas!

Another great idea is getting friends and family together do a "Halloween Costume Swap" each year, that way no one has to spend a dime (hurray!), and your kids have a 'new' costume every year! I always loved classic costumes such as a witch, cowboy or clown for kids, but understand that kids seem to really love being a famous character like Spiderman, Batman, Elmo, a Disney Princess & Thomas the Train! Here are more costume ideas from Spirit Halloween, Carter's and iParty.

Best of luck! Happy Halloween!
:) mel

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